Upper Body Update (or not)


I did not “moo” at the cows, Dan. But I did say hi, so I think I am covered.

My left wrist firmly believes that breaking my fall on Sunday was a heroic enough effort to exclude it from normal pushup duties. So while my wrist is resting on its laurels, I see lots of planking and single leg squats in my future.

I discovered today while doing squats that my right leg is noticeably stronger and steadier than my left leg. I wonder if I should try to balance my legs out by working my left leg more.

The hybrid has returned to its rightful owner, so it is back to my bike and clipless pedals. The lady told me that I could keep using her bike until I got a new bike but I don’t think it is such a great idea to switch between using flat and clipless pedals at this stage in the game. I feel like my brain will get confused.

For the next few weeks I am going to focus on climbing hills as fast and hard as I can to prepare my legs for the bigger gears that I will be using when I get my new bike. I was able to climb a few decent hills this morning and I have a nice one planned for tomorrow. Good times!

13 thoughts on “Upper Body Update (or not)

  1. Remember to pull up with your back foot going up hills… It helps. Normally, you’ll pedal in a circle, which incorporates the back foot too, but give it a good pull on the way up and you’ll climb a lot faster. Clip less pedals rock!


  2. Let’s face it Bri. You just don’t have the psychosis. You wouldn’t even be able to help yourself but to moo at them if you did. Thus the psychosis brand! (get it? huh, huh, huh????) –


  3. what a fun blog….! I am at the other end of the age spectrum, and at 65 after 3 years of clipping in, enjoying the scenery, and finding myself face down on the side of the road, again, I have determined, that the efficiency of the clips, is less than the safety of my old body… however hybrid biking is going to continue to be a required part of life!


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