Halfway Through April!


April 1st-15th


April 1st


April 2nd


April 3rd


April 4th


April 5th


April 6th


April 7th


April 8th


April 9th


April 10th


April 11th


April 12th


April 13th


April 14th


Today is a beautiful day for an adventure!

20 thoughts on “Halfway Through April!

  1. It’s ALL an adventure isn’t it!! I’ve missed a couple of days this month, but Oh Well. Just curious….what’s your longest ride ever? Ever consider an organized state ride like The FANY ride or RAGBRAI?


    • I think my longest ride is actually the 39 miles I rode on the 8th, hehe. I have biked through some weird weather conditions but the truth is I am very much a beginning cyclist.

      I am hoping to get a day here soon when I don’t have any commitments so I can spend the entire day riding and see how it goes because those 39 miles didn’t seem to phase my body at all.

      I have been invited on a couple of organized rides this summer, I will definitely be doing some type of touring, whether it will turn out to be an organized ride or just me with my sister (she is gonna be back home for the summer, hooray) or both, I am not sure yet.


  2. That FANY ride starts at Niagara Falls this year!! Just their website humor makes me want to join it. RAGBRAI is a whole different layer of fun. One of my cycling friends says that it’s “Mardi Gras married to a rock concert whose parents were a country fair and a church potluck all off on a bicycle ride.” Perfect.

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  3. Hey, I took the mountain bike out today (first time this year for the fat tire bike). I thought about you. Keep pedaling tough girl… And pick up that road bike before you get into the really long rides. 😎


    • We haven’t had any downpours yet this year, I can’t wait. Something about biking through falling sheets of water always makes me feel like a hero.

      Arriving at my destination, wetter than the ocean itself, shouldn’t make me feel great but it does.


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