Upper Body Update (week 18)

I still couldn’t get to 40 pushups again today. Maybe I miscounted before!

I can’t be too disappointed though. Muscles are popping out all over my arms and it is the weirdest experience ever to look at your own arms and not recognize them. Yesterday I grabbed a potato at work and noticed a bump near my wrist. Is it a growth? A swelling? Nope, just a muscle.

I just assumed if I worked on my upper body, my biceps would get bigger but oddly that one of the only places that I don’t see a difference. All the change is in my hands and lower arms and triceps. Now, I should clarify that while I can see a huge difference in the contours of my arms, I doubt the change is visible to anyone else. I could care less, it is just fun to look at my arms and realize that, yup, I am getting stronger. It is for real.

Note: I won’t be including the planking chart anymore because planking has evolved into simply being two fifty second holds to give me a “rest” before going into the last set of pushups in my routine.


9 thoughts on “Upper Body Update (week 18)

  1. Remarkable numbers! I am catching up. About halfway after 2 weeks. The number that amazes me is the 600 – 600 pushups in a week. You must be doing them several times every day. Keep it up. And, I hope I never bump into you in a dark alley one night.

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  2. I remember when I started running I read an article which said that the first..I think..five years a runner increases his time dramatically. I began running a 10 minute mile then an 8 minute mile, then finally a 6.5 minute mile. Then you level off. Any increase is slight and come by hard. Then there’s a back slide. I started running 24 years ago at a 10 minute mile and guess where I’m at now? Yup..10 minute mile! Ha! The thing is, now I don’t care about my times. Just glad to still be able to run. Maybe it’s the same with pushups??


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