“But you must be so tired…”

I have been a busy little chicken the past week. Leaving work, I was exhausted.

That condition disappeared once I started pedaling, however. Biking home is a great way to perk up after my work day no matter the season. But Biking Home (The Spring Edition)? It more than perked me up, it gave me so much energy I might not sleep tonight.


I went down another abandoned snowmobile trail which happened to be covered by melting ice. It was the largest sheet of ice my bike and I have been on so far. In the spirit of experimentation, I stopped abruptly several times and took a few fast corners. Nope. Those studs would not give an inch of ground. Good going, little tires!

I spotted Canadian geese returning from their southern journey. (I think the proper name is Canada geese but around here we call them Canadian geese.)

I saw pygmy goats frolicking around outside, I am guessing it was their first day out of the barn this year. I didn’t take any pictures though because their owners were outside with them.

Flowers!!!!! Spring flowers are coming up! Beautiful crocuses are here. I saw them with my own two eyes.

When people talk to me about my bike commuting they often say, “But you must be so tired after working all day!” Yup, sometimes I am. That’s why I need to bike home.

15 thoughts on ““But you must be so tired…”

  1. I totally know how you feel! I spend all day inside an office so getting on the bike after work and breathing in the fresh air and feeling the sunshine on my face is totally energizing! I’m so thankful that spring is here again!


  2. Haven’t seen any flowers yet, but the lilies behind my building are sprouting. It’s always exciting to be reminded that they still exist.

    When I had a job where I was able to commute by bike, it felt like a really nice brain-reset.


  3. I have times when I have to work my overnight job that I want to drive in because I’m so tired, usually when I do 2 nights in a row. Then I ride in and can’t sleep when I get there. (I can sleep about 4 hours when I work that shift….after my cleaning tasks. Then I have to do 3 bed checks during the night) Yeah, those endorphins kick in pretty well!!


    • You are a trooper, Dan! I keep my sleep routine pretty consistent and whenever it gets messed up for some reason or another, I feel a bit like a zombie.

      Well to be honest-I don’t actually know if zombies feel sleep deprived, but I would feel sleep deprived if I was a zombie 🙂

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  4. Been seing loads of daffs and primrose here-a sure sign of promise and that spring has dawned. I love the comments at work when I ride in the wind/rain/fog at the moment,”you rode your bike here in THAT?!!” (Like it’s a real hardship…)


  5. the BEST part of my day is riding into the office, followed closely by jumping on my bike after a long day at work for the ride home… LOVE LOVE LOVE those 2 parts of the day…. Good for you. Spring time riding isn’t that bad.


  6. I find sitting in traffic way more taxing than riding my bike home, regardless of the weather. I generally fly past a looong line of cars on my way home and even if my energy isn’t super high, it perks me up to know I’m not wasting time in a vehicle.


    • That’s awesome, it is so funny to me (I have always lived in a rural area) to realize that in cities, bikes can actually be a faster means of transportation! Pretty cool 😉


      • I grew up in a small town so I know what you mean, but where I live now, the traffic flow at the end of the day is very slow as there’s a bottleneck of traffic coming from 3 different areas all heading into the western communities. Some days it’s not too bad, but most days it’s faster to cycle, which is pretty cool. 😀

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