Spring is getting serious


The river has melted!

It is warm enough for fog to exist again! I got to bike through some nice, dense patches this morning.

I have always liked the feeling of being swallowed by fog, with its air of mystery. The only downside to fog is the lack of visibility and prior to this winter I was always a little fearful biking in such conditions.

This morning, however, I was as confident as could be. Winter has taught me how to be cautious but fearless.


The grass is getting greener every day!

This afternoon the temperature soared to 55 degrees! I left work wearing a t-shirt and pants. With the sun shining brightly I felt warm from something other than my body heat. So weird. A cool wind blew over my arms and around my ears, man that felt great! I pedaled home faster then I have since the beginning of November.


First spring cyclist sighting! On the ride home I passed two cyclists going in the opposite direction.

Gotta admit, when I see a cyclist decked out in an official looking jersey on a nice road bike I get just a tiny bit star struck.

Have they actually won races?
I have no idea but they look like they have which is good enough for me!

But how do I know for sure that spring is for real?DSC00020
A bug flew into my eye.
Yup, spring is officially a thing.

22 thoughts on “Spring is getting serious

    • The best is giant bumblebees bopping you in the nose, leaving behind a nice yellow pollen spot. It happened to me several times last year, I swear it was the same bee every time!


  1. At this stage, I think of myself as a road cyclist. I don’t race. But, I do go fast. Faster then a lot of others and slower than some too. Road cycling gives a wonderful sense of freedom. You are ready.


  2. Love riding in the fog. Missed feeling detached, lost without the peripheral vision that riding in clear weather affords last autumn. Its a spooky but diferent feeling looking up all of a sudden and wondering where the hell I am after being consumed by my thoughts on those back lanes.

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  3. The first sighting of a flashy kit after the lone winter rides, does mean Spring. But how many of them actually ride the winter through? And here’s to fog as the piles of snow slowly melt away.Cheers!

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  4. Bri, I hope you don’t mind me sharing this. Our church is having our semi-annual general conference this weekend. Because you have shared your faith and love of God I thought you might enjoy some uplifting messages. You can watch live here: https://www.lds.org/general-conference?lang=eng
    I hope you are not offended by my wanting to share. And know that if you are not interested I am not offended in anyway. ~Keli


    • Thanks for sharing!
      I was able to watch a bit of the conference just now and I must admit, my beliefs are much different from yours, I believe the Bible is contains everything I need to know about God.

      But it was neat to understand a little more about what you and fellow Mormons believe 😉

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      • Well thanks for being open to checking it out. I like learning about what other religions believe. I think it helps create a better understanding of where different people are coming from and I try really hard to just be accepting of those beliefs and not judge. We live in a beautiful world full of billions of God’s children. We need to love and accept all their differences.
        I’m glad you didn’t mind me sharing.


      • With Easter coming up I have been thinking a lot about the love God has the world. Jesus left heaven, came to earth and died for us. He loved us that much!

        That is the kind of love I want to have toward the people around me, the kind of love that will give up everything. And I am finding that the closer I grow to Jesus the more love I have for others.

        This winter I have felt God’s love more then I ever have before and I want to love like that!

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