The Best of Both Worlds

30 Days of Biking has officially begun!

I woke up a little before 6am and after checking the weather I had a decision to make. Should I go on a bike ride to watch the sunrise while the temperature was at 15 degrees or should I wait until late morning when above freezing temperatures were predicted?

I decided to be a wimp and wait for the sun to warm things up a bit. A bit is right because the temperature choose to only get up to 24 degrees. Oh well, better cool than scorching hot.

I was eager to rid myself of my jacket, however, so I chose a road that climbed a plateau. Once my body warmed up I shed the jacket, excited to feel the cool air sweep over my bare arms. Yeah, it stung a little and my arms soon reddened from the chill but it was so worth it.

The road I was on was new to me and all of a sudden I found myself in a large barnyard, wondering if I had come to the end of the road.

Then I saw it. A snow covered path that went beyond the end of the pavement. I yelped with joy. Winter hadn’t surrendered completely yet.


Begging to be explored.


I love winter. I really love winter.

The snow was perfect. Hard enough so that I didn’t sink like a rock and soft enough to give me the “plowing through snow” feeling that I love. My grin was so wide that I am surprised my teeth didn’t fall out. Then I felt a quiet whisper, “Are you having fun yet?”. In times like these I feel God’s presence in such an overwhelming way that I don’t know if I should shout the glory of it or weep from joy.

I ended up doing a mixture of both.

I saw all sorts of animal tracks. Do turkeys eat cockleburs? Because the evidence I saw today sure made it seem that way. Tough stomached birds.

After a while the snow became too soft and I turned back. When I did the entirety of the river valley was spread out before me framed by the Adirondacks.


Once I regained the pavement I flew down that road (after replacing my jacket of course) laughing. I met up with the main road and I had to ask myself the all-important question, to continue or go home. Too pumped to turn back I choose a different road to climb the same plateau again.

There were signs of spring everywhere; robins, trees tapped for sap and bare patches of earth. But more than that spring was in me. In my legs. In my heart. Deep down in my soul.

For the entirety of the ride home I could not wipe the dopey grin off of my face. How could I? I had just experienced the delight of winter and spring in one glorious ride.

16 thoughts on “The Best of Both Worlds

  1. I like that comment….Spring was in me! You definitely are a cold weather person! Bare arms at 24 degrees?? I wore a long sleeve jersey, jacket and tights last night at 50 degrees!


  2. “Wimp”! Really? For waiting until it was 24 degrees? Can I tell you that my cycling buddies and I have a rule? We don’t go out unless it is at least 38 degrees. We are afraid of slipping on ice. You are no wimp, I can tell you!

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    • You gotta admit it is a little wimp-ish. I let the weather dictate my biking schedule. Horrors, I am growing soft.

      But you and your buddies also don’t have 480 studs on your tires (I’m assuming), I really have no excuse 😉


  3. I read the preview part before I clicked on the button to see the whole thing. I guessed that you went for the sunrise–I don’t think you’re a wimp for waiting, I just guessed incorrectly.


  4. I usually love winter also but this one took me over my limit. I still liked it but this is the first time I was wishing winter away in years. Actually I was wishing winter away a week into spring. That was the problem.

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    • It has been a long winter, I think it helped that this was my first winter biking.
      I was so delighted to be actually biking through snow successfully that I didn’t care how long winter lasted.
      It will be interesting to see if I will be ready for spring earlier next year when winter biking isn’t such a novel thing.

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  5. What a beautiful post. The snow is long gone here in Iowa. Of course, I still have to take the studded tires off my bike. That’s my plan for this weekend. I love how happy cycling makes you.


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