The Joy of a Quiet Morning

DSC00267DSC00264DSC00270I woke up this morning, headed out the door and jumped on my bike with a plan. A plan to wander. Oh the joy of being on a bike with no destination in mind, just the wind at my back and the warm spring sun on my face.

I ended up going down some roads I hadn’t biked for years. The hills seem smaller now. Okay, most of the hills seem smaller now. There was still one hill that almost defeated me. Honestly though, it felt so good to climb a hill with sweat dripping off my forehead. ‘Tis the season for perspiring!

Stomach grumbling, I went off the road and into the woods to eat breakfast. Sitting on a moss covered rock with trees all around me was the perfect way to enjoy a morning snack.

Back on the road, school buses rushed past me. Men in pickup trucks flew by, probably on their way to work. It is a busy world out there! It reminded me how blessed I am to have the morning to myself, to explore and wander the back roads of my county to my heart’s content.

Winter isn’t quite finished.


Winter saw an opportunity, and took it. As I started climbing upward on my bike this morning, I noticed a light dusting of snow covering the hillside. I wasn’t too surprised, since the forecast was predicting snow for today. I also wasn’t surprised when a few snowflakes started drifting down from the sky.

What did catch me off guard was the full-blown snow storm that I found myself in thirty minutes later. Good thing I thought to bring my ski goggles “just in case”. The higher up the plateau I went, the windier and snowier the conditions became. It felt so good to be back in the midst of swirling snowflakes again. I explored a few back roads and then returned to the main road. I biked for a few more miles uphill, against the wind which was kind of fun because I knew that once I turned around I would have smooth sailing on the way home.DSC00257DSC00253DSC00260

The snow died down after falling steadily for two hours. I am sure it won’t stick around for too long, with the dangerous spring sun out and smiling, but man, winter put on a good show. The best part is that I got to experience it all on my bike. Seeing the ground turn from a eager green back to pristine white, was a lovely thing.

Not that it was all good. I found out my dad’s clipless shoes aren’t rated for below freezing temperatures. My toes got the bad end of the deal.

Upper Body Update (or not)


I did not “moo” at the cows, Dan. But I did say hi, so I think I am covered.

My left wrist firmly believes that breaking my fall on Sunday was a heroic enough effort to exclude it from normal pushup duties. So while my wrist is resting on its laurels, I see lots of planking and single leg squats in my future.

I discovered today while doing squats that my right leg is noticeably stronger and steadier than my left leg. I wonder if I should try to balance my legs out by working my left leg more.

The hybrid has returned to its rightful owner, so it is back to my bike and clipless pedals. The lady told me that I could keep using her bike until I got a new bike but I don’t think it is such a great idea to switch between using flat and clipless pedals at this stage in the game. I feel like my brain will get confused.

For the next few weeks I am going to focus on climbing hills as fast and hard as I can to prepare my legs for the bigger gears that I will be using when I get my new bike. I was able to climb a few decent hills this morning and I have a nice one planned for tomorrow. Good times!

Blustery Spring Day


The wind made the water seethe with mini whitecaps.

Going to work was fun this morning. A strong wind blew me over to the restaurant and I arrived ten to fifteen minutes earlier than I expected to!

But what was a lovely tailwind coming into work became a raging headwind on the return trip home. (Funny how that works.)  During the work day, I had a good idea of what I was in for on the ride home so I started mentally preparing myself.

“It might be tough, but it will be good for you. Build those muscles, kid!”

(I often call myself “kid” during internal dialogues.) Thinking back on some of my seemingly endless windy spring rides from last year, I hopped on my bike at the end of the day with some measure of dread. As a bike commuter, headwinds are to me what rush hour traffic is to a motorist. They guarantee a long commute home, the stronger and more persistent the wind is the more frustrating and impatient I can become to arrive home and “get stuff done”.

But I think winter biking has messed with my physiological makeup, somehow. No matter how hard the wind blew (36 mph with gusts nearing 50 mph) and how hard I had to fight against it, I could not find any shred of impatience or frustration to latch onto. I was fighting the wind physically but I didn’t need to battle it mentally. When there was an occasional crosswind, I found myself leaning and against it and grinning.

Winter biking taught me to accept the weather. To accept the road. To accept the time it takes to get home, no matter how long that may be. To make the journey an enjoyable thing, something worth remembering.

Rushing home, just getting those ten miles over and done with so that I can move on to the next thing isn’t my default anymore.

Have I ever told you that I love winter?

A Red Letter Day

DSC00215Today has been a good day.

For the first time in forever I went biking with a person! A real live person!

My mom and I took a nice, almost ten mile jaunt over to a local park. Hooray for being able to talk to someone (other than myself) while riding. It was such a beautiful day to be out, doing something I love with someone I love.

But today was groundbreaking in another regard as well. My dad dug out his clipless shoes which are too small for him, switched out the pedals on my mountain bike and then tutored me in the ways of the clipless pedal.

I went around the driveway practicing how to clip in and out. What a bizarre feeling to have my feet stuck firmly to the pedals!

During one rotation around the driveway, my parent’s dog got in the way, blocking off my path with her line. You can guess what happened next. I braked and then toppled over with all the grace of a camel.

And with that wonderfully auspicious beginning, my mom and I set out. In my mind I kept reciting, “rotate to stop, rotate to stop, rotate to stop.”

There are so many different ways to pedal when clipped in!DSC00207
With one foot.
With the other foot.
With my heels down.
With my toes pointed.
With my feet flat.
By pulling up on the pedals.

My mom asked me if I was okay, I guess my experimentation must have looked pretty weird.

And then my nice little world turned upside down.


Here’s the deal.
This week I have been dog sitting and the owner, knowing that I was looking to buy a road bike, kindly offered me the use of her hybrid while she was away.

Did you know that there is a huge difference between riding on a mountain bike with studded tires and using a hybrid with nice gears?

Huge, huge difference.
I’ve had studded tires on my bike since the middle of November. I forgot how quiet and smooth biking can be without them.

Late this morning, I was biking back home after visiting my nieces and nephews. A gentle breeze was blowing, the sun was out and the air was warm.

Then it happened.

All of a sudden I realized I was going fast. So I started going even faster. I tore up the road with all the exuberance of a winter biker gone rogue. No studded tires, no limited gears holding me back. The hybrid had a speedometer and I kept glancing at it, unbelieving.
Is this speed for real?
Is the power I feel in my legs for real?

For twelve miles I went faster on a bike then I ever have in my life.

Fire lit.

I have passed the point of no return. I am in.

I need a road bike and I need it now.

Upper Body Update (week 19)

For the past six weeks, I have building up the number of pushups I do each week somewhat aggressively. This week I did 140 pushups on 5 different days. The thing is it takes me about 25 minutes from start to finish to fit in all 140. I do a set and then take a two minute break before jumping in again.

What I plan on doing for at least the next few weeks is continue to do 140 pushups a day but work on consolidating them. Bigger sets. Less time between sets.

That’s the plan.


Well, that is real neat!

Gary from PedalWORKS was kind enough to nominate me for the Real Neat Blog Award, something that he will regret very soon. And with those ominous words hanging in the air…

…Thank you for nominating me, Gary!
Now I am going to follow some rules.

1. Put the award logo on your blog.
2. Answer the 7 questions asked by the person who nominated you.
3. Thank the person/people who nominated you.
4. Nominate any number of bloggers you like, linking to their blogs.
5. Let them know you nominated them (by commenting on their blog).

Alright, let’s tackle some questions.

How many states are there in Canada?
Canada has one state, the state of being awesome. I am lucky enough to have been to five of its provinces so I have seen a glimpse of its awesomeness.

If you could invite any 3 people to dinner, who would you invite?
I would invite Barack Obama, Vladimir Putin and my sister. There is no chance Barack Obama or Vladimir Putin would show up, so my sister and I would be able to have a great evening together. It has been over a year since I have last seen her and I miss her insanely.

If you were an actor, who would you be?


If you could take a month long holiday anywhere in the world, where would you go and, who would you most like to go with?
I would travel to Brazil. Three years ago I was able to visit there for a month and it was fantastic. A tiny bit of my heart is still there. Plus, it makes sense, I already have my entry visa. I would go with my sister for so many reasons that in the interest of not clogging up the world wide web, I will refrain from naming any of them.

What is the capital of Vancouver?
Ha, that is an easy question. The capital of Vancouver is the “V”.

If there was one thing you could change about the way you look, what would that be?
I want hair like Rapunzel. No doubt it would take forever to brush and probably give me a giant headache, precluding a quick haircut, but it would be fun to have super long hair for at least a few days.

What is the most imminent problem facing mankind today? And, what would you do to fix it?
I think death is the biggest, most imminent problem we face as humans, whether we are ten seconds, ten years or ten decades old. I can’t do anything to fix it, but I do know Jesus, the one who conquered death. I want to spend my life showing His love to the people I meet.

Okay, here are my questions.  Just to warn you I am a huge fan of asking completely random, hypothetical questions. It is a terrible habit. I ask my coworkers these kinds of questions all the time because they need another reason to think I am weird.

1. If you didn’t ride a bike would you be blogging? What would you blog about?

2. If you were invisible for a day what would you do?

3. If you could be present for any moment of history, what would it be?

4. How would you rearrange your life if you had to sleep for sixteen hours a day?

5. If you were a seagull where would you live?

6. If you were born into a rich, noble family in Europe in the 1600’s, what would you do with your life?

7. You are a squirrel living in a forest. You have 500 acorns and you know you need 2,500 acorns in total to survive the winter. It normally takes you 10 minutes to find and store an acorn and there are only 15 days left until the beginning of winter. How many people live in your forest?

I love all the blogs that I read, here are four of them…

Simple Touring
Nathan has begun a 4,000 mile tour across the USA and I am excited to see how his journey progresses. I appreciate his thoughts on living a simple life and he has some pretty great tips on how to tour simply as well.

Nothing Adventured
Dan is awesome, (and so is the mileage he racks up) I love reading about his riding, it is obvious he enjoys being out on his bike.

Churlish Figure
Churlita shares great posts about the fun she is up to outdoors whether she is running or mountain biking. Bonus for cute cat pictures as well!

Family Ride
I just started following Madi but it is pretty obvious that she rocks! She and her family are using their bikes for transportation in Seattle, Washington, which is crazy awesome.

When I need a hero…

Sometimes proper brainthinking eludes me. Take today, for instance.

I forgot to double-check to insure I was bringing everything home that I carried into work that morning. Of course, since I forgot to double-check I forgot to check at all. My poor little wallet got left behind in my haste.


My wallet returns safely.

My wallet is pretty important since it contains my keys, cell phone and cash. I didn’t realize it was missing until I reached my house. Thank goodness I keep a spare key (hidden where you will never, ever find it).

But I needed to call work and let them know that I left my wallet in the ladies bathroom and also give my family a heads up that I wouldn’t have my phone until tomorrow, so I biked up to my church to use the phone. When I called I found out a hero was already on the way. Ten minutes later my wallet and I were reunited.

My coworkers rock.

Sometimes when you live car-free you need a little help. I am so thankful for my family, friends and coworkers who are always ready to step in when I need them!