Upper Body Update (week 17)

I couldn’t quite make it all the way to forty this week. On pushup #38 I collapsed. Faceplant.

But thankfully I do have an excuse prepared. I wasn’t able to fit in my pushups on Sunday (the snooze button may have played a factor in my demise) so I did them yesterday, skipping my typical rest day. So this morning I was still a bit sore from Monday’s workout. See, a perfectly good excuse. Unfortunately, while excuses may help my pride a bit they do not help my muscles. Therefore, I resolve that the coming week will be a “no excuses or snooze buttons allowed” week.

Gary from PedalWORKS is inspiring me to add some single leg squats to my routine, but I am still working on getting the form right, which means I need to eliminate wobbling.

Another inspiring thing for me this week was reading about Darian Sperry. She is 5’1″, 20 years old and soooo insanely strong. If this gif doesn’t encourage me to keep working on building my strength, I don’t know what will.Darian Sperry 180 lb (81.65 kg) snatch - Imgur 20150331025057 2015033102522220150331024934

20 thoughts on “Upper Body Update (week 17)

  1. Why do weight lifters always just drop the weights hard to the floor? Boom! Wouldn’t it be better to put them back nicely as you found them? I would think you’d get a more balanced …um… something.


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