4,000 Miles


Thank you, little bike!

One year ago today I decided that winter was officially over and I took my bike out for a ride…

I haven’t stopped riding since. In my first year of year-round biking and living car-free I clocked over 3,000 commuting miles and more than 4,000 miles altogether. I have learned and grown so much this year, it has been by far the best year of my life.

So what has 4,000+ miles in the saddle taught me?
Here are just a few things.

-I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength

-I am more powerful and brave than I thought possible

-Living an active lifestyle, aside from its health benefits, is fulfilling and just plain fun

-It is possible to be healthier even without changing how I eat (Not saying that I shouldn’t eat healthier in the future though…)

-Beauty is everywhere

-A slower, simpler life doesn’t mean a less exciting life

-Adventure is out there and riding a bicycle is the perfect way to find it

-The journey is often more exciting than the destination

-To never live a certain way just to satisfy “cultural norms”

-I have so much to learn about cycling

-I have so much to learn about bike mechanics and maintenance

-Skunks rule the night


One year ago, I appear to be contemplating life and the possibility of eating my own hair. (Sorry, I couldn’t find many pics from this time last year, I avoided cameras like the plague at that point.)


Today. Truly, this shows the power of an active lifestyle because I sure didn’t change my eating habits! My fitness is still a work in progress, but at least there is progress.

27 thoughts on “4,000 Miles

  1. That’s terrific. You have a great attitude and are an inspiration for everyone out there looking for a simpler, more satisfying life. I particularly like your photographs. It is nice to see you out of your helmet and goggles. You look happy, healthy and fit. Keep it up.


  2. Congrats on the miles and the difference they have made in you physically, mentally and spiritually. I will finish my first year of commuting in a couple weeks and hope to be close to that though my climate is a little more hospitable than yours. You should join and log your miles on the National Bike Challenge.


    • Thank you Mark! I had no idea biking would make such a profound impact on my life, I am excited to continue this journey and see where it leads.
      And congrats to you as well, commuting 15 miles to work takes commitment!


    • It is funny, “challenge yourself” is one of those things I have read over and over again but until I really started challenging myself I didn’t understand how vital challenges are to my personal growth. I don’t plan to stop anytime soon, thanks for the encouragement πŸ˜‰


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