Upper Body Update (week 16)

It’s been four months since the beginning of my relationship with the living room floor. Sixteen weeks in and our relationship is stronger then ever. We spend a little more time in each others company every week.

Don’t tell the living room floor, but I am also developing odd feelings for the mirror in the bathroom. I keep staring at it and wondering how a routine so simple could give me such massive muscles. (Note: my muscles aren’t massive in any way, shape or form.Β But compared to what they used to be they seem massive to me.)

So there you have it, pushups are important but relationships are what really matter.


13 thoughts on “Upper Body Update (week 16)

    • You have no idea how encouraging your comments are to me. Some days I get a little discouraged from “6 weeks to 100 pushups” programs; it has taken me 16 weeks and I am only at 40. You remind me that being able to do 40 pushups is actually kinda awesome.

      And that I have to keep it up so that you won’t outdo me :-p

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  1. I used to have a personal trainer when I was 18 took me 3 months to do 15 push ups. And I have never been able to more than 20 😦

    Keep it up your doing very well. I am trying pull ups at the moment. It’s completely killing me.

    Your graphs are giving me motivation to keep up with it though πŸ™‚


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