19 thoughts on “Winter By The Numbers

    • Yeah, a customer at the restaurant gave me three bucks to use to buy gas.

      He comes in a lot so I asked him if he thought bribing me with $3 would get me off my bike. I told him that if he gave me the money it would go toward fueling me (lol) not a car, so he laughed and let me keep it.


      • Basically they list the costs of something (which in your case would be your list of miles etc) and then they tally up the entire experience and deem it priceless. For you, I would imagine something like
        X miles ridden
        X epic snowstorms
        X people calling me crazy
        One amazing winter of riding and proving everybody wrong—-priceless.

        And, no, they wouldn’t sue you.
        Enjoy the spring like riding. What adjustments will you make to the bike–or don’t answer as that could be a good post.


    • Thanks! Although next year I want to keep the number of falls at zero. Even though I was not hurt at all when I fell this year, I still hate falling off my bike 😉


    • Nah, I am just your normal person who gets an adrenaline rush from biking in temperatures that could potentially kill me.

      Real talk though, once I figured out how my bike and body responds to the cold, sub zero temps aren’t bad at all. I did get to work ravenously hungry though.

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