Top Five Memorable Commutes


The giant white dog says hello.

It’s been fun chronicling each day’s ride to and from work this winter. One of the greatest things about biking in the snow and cold is that every single day is an adventure. I am so glad that I have everything written down so that years from now I can look back over my first year of winter commuting.

But today is the first day of spring (on my calendar at least, Google claims otherwise) plus it rained on my trip home so I think it is high time to retire the “commuting to work” posts. Not that I won’t be posting about interesting things that occur on my rides to and from work in the future, but I don’t feel the need to journal every trip now that I completed my first winter of biking. The exciting part is when I do post about my commute I will actually take the time to think of an appropriate title instead the tedious titles I wore out over the winter.

In lieu of posting about today’s ride, here are the links to the five commuting days that stick out in my mind.

My Favorite Commute

The Funnest Commute of all Time

My Encounter with the Sheriff

The Bloodiest Commute

The Commute of Torture

18 thoughts on “Top Five Memorable Commutes

  1. My most memorable commutes would be tough. 9/11 is certainly no. 1. There were a series of commutes during the DC sniper thing that I’d just as soon forget about. Last year I rode to a Nationals game. Then rode home afterward arriving by midnight when I learned a friend had been killed by a bus. And the commutes with a side trip through the cherry blossoms in DC are always special. But you will never, ever see me on a bike when it’s -17 degrees.


    • Wow, those are insane stories. I can’t imagine biking through the craziness of 9/11 or sniper attacks. And coming home to learn about a friend’s death? I really hope none of my commutes are that memorable, ever. Yikes.

      But cherry blossom jaunts sound awesome 🙂


  2. I haven’t tracked my commutes but there have been many early morning rides that were memorable. First, you get me doing pushups and planks and now I am considering the possibility of documenting my memorable commutes. They start the day off right. Nice post.


    • You should! It really speaks to the difference between cycling and driving to work, I can’t believe I ever considered buying a car for the winter, I would have missed out on so much.

      How are the pushups coming by the way?


      • I am making progress but am not close to you yet. 🙂
        I have a car but seldom use it. In fact, I hate droning in the city. Much prefer cycling or walking. And my bike commutes are special. I live by the ocean and mountains – every ride is special and memorable in its own way. And, I use the ride home as an opportunity to train.


      • Yup, that is pretty special. You really can’t beat scenic ocean and mountain views.

        I got really bad over the winter of just commuting home at whatever speed I felt like, I should start adding some faster intervals on the way home.


      • I have a beautiful seaside park on the way home. I can either cycle along the water for 10 km or take an interior road that includes a 1.5 climb and a 2 km descent so I can work on all aspects of cycling. I have cycled in the park for 30 years and take it for granted sometimes. There are even trails throughout for mouton biking which I sometimes play on as well.

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  3. *enthusiasm You’ll love this…. “enthusuasm” comes from the Greek. The prefix “en” means “in” or “whithin.” The suffix “asm” means “state of being or having.” The root is THEOS. You probably know that that means GOD. So literrally it means “the state of having God within” or “being in God.” Cool!


    • Thanks for sharing that Dan, that is so cool. Greek rocks!
      And it is really poignant for me because the enthusiasm that I have for life comes from the fact that I have God’s spirit inside of me. He gives me joy!

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  4. Awwww, love the picture of the giant white dog! I’ve enjoyed all of your posts and can’t wait to see what develops over the spring and summer months 😀


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