It’s Worth the Headwind

003I was able to do one of my favorite things today: bike up to visit my brother, sister-in-law and their four children. The ride up was really nice, thanks to a hard-working tailwind.

When I arrived at their house the three oldest children greeted me at the door asking various questions about my bike ride.

“Did you bring a helmet?”

“What color is it?”

“Where are your boots?”

“Can I see your light?”

“Are you cold?”

Even though my nephews are three and two years old, they understand auntie more than most grownups. “You don’t like cars. You ride your bike.”

We read several books together, one was titled, “Good Night, Good Knight.” After reading it twice we acted out the story. I got to be the good knight and they played the three little dragons (their youngest sister is a little young to be a proper dragon) and hid in their deep, dark cave otherwise known as a large cardboard box.

They have such wonderful imaginations and will happily play make-believe for hours. It is great fun. After they settled down for a nap, I started home.

Since I had a wonderful tailwind on the way there, it was only natural to have a stiff headwind on the way home. It really slowed me down but I did make it home eventually. 015 021

Errand #9 Nephew’s and Niece’s House (Social Call)
Distance: 26 miles

10 thoughts on “It’s Worth the Headwind

    • When I first saw the deer in the distance I thought they were a herd of beef cows because there was simply so many!
      Made my day.

      Well, seeing my nephew and nieces is what really made my day.

      I guess I can just sum it up by saying that I had a great day 😉


    • Yeah it was awesome to see them all, there were even more that didn’t fit in the picture.
      But I am sure the farmer wasn’t too happy to find a herd of deer gobbling up his precious hay!


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