Tortilla-Centric Errandonnee Day

It’s day number seven of the Errandonnee!

Ever had one of those days when your life seemed to center around tortillas?

This morning when making breakfast I realized my apartment was devoid of any bread products. Horrors! Obviously I needed to change that. Fast.

I got out my flour and oil and started to make tortillas until I hit a snag. Using a little baking powder in tortilla dough gives the finished product a great texture but I couldn’t find it anywhere.


When snow starts melting you find interesting things that were buried during the winter. Anyone want a windshield wiper?

I jumped on my bike and went down to the little corner store to replenish my baking powder supply. Upon entering the store, I spotted a huge plastic tub filled with water on the floor. Sign of spring(and poor maintenance): leaking roofs.

Of course within ten minutes of returning home I found my lost baking powder. After making all my tortillas I decided to take some over to my grandparents and hang out with them for the afternoon.


Do you think they will let me in if I bribe them with tortillas?

My Grandma and Grandpa are some of my favorite people in existence. Grandma is blind but she has never let that stop her and she has one of the brightest, most inquisitive minds of anyone I know.  Grandpa puts people everywhere to shame with how active he is in his community and church. He also tells great stories about his prankster days and has the wit to go along with it. They were married four years ago, at the ages of 83 and 76 and their wedding was the cutest thing ever.

After leaving their house, I made some chicken wraps with the tortillas and took them up to church for supper. Usually for worship practice on Wednesdays I walk up to church, but since it is the Errandonnee and all, I biked. For the first time since autumn, at the end of worship practice there was still daylight left! It felt great to coast downhill to my apartment with a cool spring breeze against my face.002

Errand #6 Corner Store (Store)
Distance: 1 miles

Errand #7 Grandparents House (Social Call)
Distance: 2 miles

Errand #8 Worship Practice (Personal Business)
Distance: 2 miles

11 thoughts on “Tortilla-Centric Errandonnee Day

    • Thanks Simon!
      I get together with a few other people from my church and we practice the songs that we will be leading everyone else in singing on Sunday. Sometimes this helps us to avoid mistakes on Sundays, other times not so much 😉


  1. Oddly, my life has never centered around tortillas, but now I totally want to learn how to make them – I’ve always just bought them. Thanks for the inspiration! Also, the way you describe them, your grandparents seem pretty darn adorable.


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