Upper Body Update (week 11)

I didn’t feel like pushing myself this week, so I just maintained last week’s numbers. Last Tuesday I had to dig deep to get up to 23 pushups in a row and I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to duplicate that today, but I was able to reach 23 and even add 4 to that number. It is awesome to feel myself growing stronger week by week.


12 thoughts on “Upper Body Update (week 11)

    • Thanks Gary! I am proud of myself for sticking with it and for my progress. That is actually a pretty big deal for me because I used to have really low “self esteem”. No matter how good I was at something, I never acknowledged my accomplishments. But that has changed and I feel great about the progress I am making.


  1. Pretty cool! I am inspired. I have the same goal, that is, to build my upper body strength since I ran into some injury last year. I just started doing P90X and love their upper body workouts. I will be following your progress cos it encourages me to keep going. Well done!


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