Monday Commute

I didn’t sleep well last night and had lots of weird nightmares. When my alarm went off I had a headache and I felt like I had a fever. It wasn’t a bad headache, but I don’t usually get them so when my head does ache I am a bit of a baby. Convinced that I had a temperature, I stuck a thermometer under my tongue. Two minutes later I discovered my temperature was normal. Okay then, time to get dressed and head out the door.

Even though I felt a little off at first, after a few miles of biking I was fine. I was somewhat lethargic at work, but hey, I made it!

On the way home a car passed me and pulled over ahead of me. As I approached the car, the sweetest little lady popped out and came to the back of the car.

“Are you a young lady under all of that?”

After I answered in the affirmative, she went on tell me that she often sees me biking and wondered if she could give me rides “in a warm car”. I reassured her that if I did need a ride I had lots of family and friends that I could call. So she asked me if I needed a car.  I explained that lived car-free intentionally. Then she shared that she also loves biking and has her bike on a trainer in the winter.

She honestly put such a huge smile on my face with her genuine thoughtfulness. If I am remembering correctly, she is the first woman to offer me a ride this winter. I should have asked if we could meet up sometime to bike together in the summer, but those are the kind of things I don’t remember until after conversations are over.

To work (10 miles)
3:15 am to 4:35 am

-18F, 6 mph West wind

I wore
Head: ski goggles, balaclava, head band
Torso: thermal shirt, soft shell jacket, rain jacket
Hands: winter gloves with liners
Legs: two pairs of yoga pants, thermal pants, rain pants
Feet: socks, boots
Comments: My legs started getting cold toward the end which is normal. The thing is I could buy actual winter pants to keep me warm, but the problem is I really don’t mind my legs feeling cold. Am I weird?

From work (10 miles)
3:05 pm to 4:20 pm

3F, 6 mph Northwest wind

I wore
Head: ski goggles, balaclava
Torso: thermal shirt, soft shell jacket, rain jacket
Hands: winter gloves
Legs: two pairs of yoga pants, thermal pants, rain pants
Feet: socks, boots
Comments: Nice.



29 thoughts on “Monday Commute

  1. That’s great! When we encounter people in our building elevator who ask us about our riding or our bikes, we give a brief answer and he will always ask them “Where’s your bike?” It’s cute, and interesting to hear what people say.


  2. I just re-read your post on my computer (instead of the iPhone) and missed the part about you being weird. Well maybe … I discovered after many long years of cycling in all types of weather to invest in proper cycling attire – clothing designed for the cold, heat and rain. It took me several years but now I am equipped for all weather conditions and enjoy cycling even more. These are the items that have made the biggest difference for me – wet weather and cold weather booties, wool socks, bib shorts (just makes the ride more comfortable), waterproof/windproof pants with zippers down the legs making it easy to get them on and off, waterproof/windproof jacket, fleece tops, wool tops, waterproof/windproof gloves, helmet covers to guard against the wind and rain, cycling glasses with removable lenses for all lighting conditions.
    Keep cycling. I find your winter commutes inspiring and look forward to your daily updates.

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    • Thanks for outlining your most helpful gear, that is a really great list. I am sure that as I go along I will amass more clothes and gear and maybe someday invest in pants that will keep my legs completely warm. Maybe 😉

      Some like it hot, some like it cold!


    • I know! She was such a great lady and she totally made my day.

      I always wonder what passing cars think of me while I am out biking and whenever I get yelled at (only happened twice but it still shocks me) it makes me feel slightly threatened by all cars for a time. But when someone offers me a ride it totally changes my perspective of motorists.

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  3. Bri, I love reading your blog. So with you (mentally) some days! Glad to read you had a bright spot with another happy soul in your hood. When you have a minute, check out Skhoop skirts. They’re synthetic or down skirts in various lengths and they’re awesome to bike in – keeps your butt warm but legs free & cool.


  4. Biking is indeed a great conversation starter. I park/lock my bike outside my office building, which is near a public bus stop. 9 times out of 10, someone waiting for the bus will strike up a conversation with me as I’m getting ready to head into my office. Tomorrow morning temp will be 5-7 degrees. I’m sure I’ll get some “you’re crazy” type of conversation going with someone. 🙂 Ride safely!

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    • People never seem to realize that we stay warm on our bikes fairly easily because of the body heat from the exercise. I try to explain that they are probably colder sitting in their car while it warms up then I am biking down the road, but it never seems to sink in!

      But being called “crazy” isn’t all that bad, deep down they all think we are epic. (Hopefully at least!)


  5. Weird? Nah, you’re just acclimating to the cold weather. That’s bound to happen the more that you bike in the winter. I wear only half the layers that you do – long underwear and dress pants – but my legs usually aren’t cold. They’re too busy working to be bothered with the cold weather : ) My extremities, though, are a different story. My ears and fingertips get painfully cold if I’m out for a while and they’re not protected. I use behind-the-head earmuffs and ski gloves on most days (two pairs of gloves and a scarf on the frigid days).


    • It is such a paradox because in some ways this winter has toughened me up and in other ways I am becoming a wimp.

      Prior to this winter, I would just go outside with a hoodie if I thought it was really cold out. Now though, even if I am just walking my dogs I often check the temp and layer accordingly. I shock myself by actually wearing gloves for a ten minute walk, or a scarf…what has happened to me!?!?

      Behind-the-head earmuffs are awesome, I should buy another pair because mine mysteriously disappeared.


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