Two Important Announcements

First, I am feeling better which is not due to drinking tea, because I will never drink tea, ever. (Those TEO people from the TEA are always on my case though, check out the comments I got on yesterday’s post.)

Second, Anthony, from The Quest for a Better Me nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award. As the title of his blog suggests, Anthony is on a quest to better himself and writing up wonderful posts along the way. I am sure he would appreciate all the encouragement and support he can get on his journey, so check out the link above. Many thanks, Anthony, for the nomination!

There are some rules I am supposed to follow…versatile

  • Show the award on your blog
  • Thank the person who nominated you
  • Share 7 facts about yourself
  • Nominate 15 blogs
  • Link your nominees’ blogs, and let them know

Here are seven things about me…
1. I was born into a homeschooling  family of nine. My dad, mom, five brothers and sister are all quirky, lovely people.
2. I adore Pixar movies, my favorite would probably be “Up”.
3. My favorite TV show is “Chopped” on the Food Network but since I don’t have a TV or high-speed internet I don’t watch as obsessively as I would like too.
4. Cumin=best spice in existence. I secretly add cumin to every recipe I can, after taking the time to sniff it appreciatively.
5. I love the mental challenge of memorizing. As a teenager I memorized eight books of the Bible. Yup, I had a wild youth, how can you tell?
6. I am left-handed which makes me awesome. (Four out the nine people in my family are, actually.) If you are right-handed, you might still be awesome, you just have to prove it first.
7. My two dogs, Panzy and Shammah, never fail to make me smile.

Now for the best part, I get to give a shout out to some fellow bloggers. I really enjoy every blog that I visit regularly, here are fifteen of them.

My nominees are…

A Few Spokes Short of a Wheel
Rootchopper is amazing; he fights leg pain, bikes across ice without studded tires and braves snakes to stay on his bike year round.

Reading, Running, Cycling
An awesome lady, training hard for triathlons.

martin is cycling 365days
Martin made a goal to bike every day in 2015. Forty-one days down and he is still going strong.

Shane is a thoughtful, artistic person and I am always interested in seeing what he is up to on his blog.

Aimee’s Adventures & Travels
Aimee lives in Alaska and just finished her first year of year round bike commuting!

Maxine is biking everywhere she can around Scotland and shares great pictures of her journeys. Her posts always make me smile.

The Deluded Cyclist
This guy is pushing himself to the limits to see just how fast he can go on a bike. It is very inspiring to read about his perseverance.

Suzi always shares wonderful posts about her life and biking.

A man who believes life can be lived without a car, he and his family have been living using bikes as their main form of transportation for over seven years.

A lady living car free in the state of Washington and taking breathtaking pictures along the way.

Cooking when you don’t know how to cook
Though she claims she can’t cook, this lady is popping out great meals left and right. A New Year’s resolution gone right!

Josh is a fellow bike commuter and I used to really like his posts. But he has a fatbike now and I am just a tad jealous.

Hopping the Badger
I enjoy reading about people getting off the road and into the mud with their bikes. With all the pictures on this blog, I feel like I have been on a bike ride across the countryside.

Bike and Brain
Thoughtful, sincere posts relating to cycling and mental wellness. Always interesting to peruse.

It’s simple, Mike has fun on his bikes because bikes are fun. If you want to see a video of his adorable border collie enjoying a bike ride you should head to his blog right now.

19 thoughts on “Two Important Announcements

  1. We have more and more in common it seems. We homeschooled our kids as well! EIGHT books?? Why do I not think that Numbers or the Chronicles were not included!! 😉 Sorry, I’m not left handed and I LOVE tea, especially iced. How about coffee. Do you at least drink that? (we all have or food likes and dislikes….all in good fun!)

    Liked by 1 person

      • You’re fun! I should take somewhat of a lesson from you. I don’t drink enough just water. I LOVE my coffee…..the darker the better. If the fork stands up in it, it’s still a little weak. If it melts the fork, it’s perfect! Well, depending on the coffee. I seldom drink anything that’s sweet so I’m with you there. Soda is VERY seldom drunk except maybe if the pizza joint doesn’t brew their own iced tea. Yeah, I’m picky about my tea. Usually even then, that’s when I’ll drink water. We don’t eat out a lot anyway since my wife is such a marvelous cook. That and we’re tightwads!


      • You. Drink. Coffee. With. Melted. Metal.
        Some coffee drinkers are hopeless, including my dad whose habits mirror yours.

        Why a fork though, is that an Iowa thing? Because my dad melts spoons into his coffee.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Spoons don’t stick! You have to use the fork for the initial test. When I was your age, coffee was a sometimes thing and then I had to have some cream/sugar in it. I had to mature to handle real coffee. I’ve been an iced tea lover since teen days. Hot tea is a more recent taste. They are both proven healthy at least. In moderation like all things.

        Liked by 1 person

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