Upper Body Update (week 10)

I have officially joined the ranks of sickos. Yay for stomach bugs! There goes my plans for babysitting for the day…

I didn’t eat much at work yesterday and when I got home I put up my commuting post, walked to church for worship practice and then didn’t get back until 7:30 pm. I was starving! But eating didn’t make my stomach feel better and it wasn’t long before I made a trip to the bathroom. I went to bed soon after and had to make several more emergency bathroom visits during the night.

Now I am really, really, really, hungry, but I can tell my stomach hasn’t calmed down enough to accept food yet.



21 thoughts on “Upper Body Update (week 10)

    • My sister always used to try to get me to drink healthy teas and a gross concoction called firewater whenever I got sick but I never caved. I hate drinking tea.

      Thankfully, I no longer have any tea in the house so I can use that as a good excuse to pass on it 😉

      My dad always made me take ginger for an upset stomach when I was younger, but I hate ginger so I refuse to take it.

      Apparently I just like being sick.


  1. 23 pushups at one time?!?!? (yeah, I can do maybe 6!) That’s also incredible on the planks. Yes the tea can help, but I’d be more inclined to go a mint tea or chamomile. It is soothing. You continue to challenge and inspire this old man!

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  2. Oh,don’t worry-you’ll learn to appreciate the different tastes of tea. Of course, once when you talk yourself into trying the real tea 🙂
    I’m sharing advice as some grannie 😉


    • See, the problem is I don’t talk to myself about beverages other than water. In my mind they don’t exist as actual substances fit for my personal consumption. I am too good for them and I refuse to go down to their level.

      Wow, I really should stop talking. Some day in the future I will look over the top of my teacup and laugh at my former self. But I haven’t been conned yet, so I will keep on drinking water, blissfully unaware of any other reality.


    • Every time someone suggests tea, I drink a glass of water. Maybe it doesn’t have magical healing properties like all your fancy tea suggestions, but at least I am staying hydrated.

      You can keep trying but I just want to let all the Tea Enforcement Officers know, “You don’t stand a chance!”

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      • You have no idea who you are dealing with here. You really think that the mere passing of time will change me?

        I will never drink tea.
        Nothing can make me drink tea.
        Send your best agents with the best tea on planet earth. It will not make a difference. Not now, not ever.

        I am with Patrick Henry on this one,

        Give me water or give me death!*

        *or something like that


  3. These comments are hilarious. Good for you. Water is the best when I am not feeling well. And, coffee otherwise. Cycling and coffee go hand in hand. When the warm weather comes, are you going to take the ski mask off?

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    • That is a great question, I have no idea! The first month and a half I really worked on getting used to using proper form and I guess it started to pay off. Also, it could be a mental thing as well, I started to believe I was stronger so I pushed myself harder?

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