Monday Commute

013Thanks to Jean and TuckamoreDew , I found out about International Winter Bike to Work Day. I am now a little snowflake in a world of snow and it feels great!

First day using the Urban 700. My Urban 550 headlight has a beautiful, wide, even beam but the 700 outclassed it a bit. It spread the light out smoothly over the road with no discernible focus points. But what I really cared about was battery life and so far, so good!

Today work was really slow so I got out early. One of our suppliers pulled in just as I was leaving and the two guys had never seen me in all my snow gear or my winter-ready bike (because it hides in the shed while I am working). They were quite surprised to find out that studded tires are available for bikes. It is always fun to have conversations about winter biking with interested people. It is an odd feeling though, I have seen one of these guys twice a week, for over two years but all of a sudden he was looking at me with a respect he had never shown before.

Isn’t it strange how finding out one fact about someone can completely change your view of them? That is one reason judging people isn’t smart. I don’t know everything about anyone’s life, I don’t know all their struggles, pain, courage or love. Conversely, when people judge me, what difference does it make? They don’t know who I really am on the inside, they only judge by what they see.

But God knows every part of me, all my beauty and my ugliness, and He loves me. That is awesome.




Amish horse and buggy tracks.

I felt bold on the way home today, I kept my tires at a high pressure and took the right lane, making cars pass me. Usually, I deflate my tires a bit and bike on the snowy shoulder but the skies were clear and my lights were flashing so I knew I would be safe.

To work (10 miles)
3:40 am to 4:45 am

6F, 10 Northeast wind, light snow

I wore
Head: ski goggles, balaclava
Torso: thermal shirt, rain jacket
Hands: winter gloves
Legs: yoga pants, thermal pants, rain pants
Feet: socks, boots
Comments: Nice.

From work (10 miles)
2:50 pm to 3:55 pm

9F, 10 mph Northeast wind

I wore
Head: ski goggles, balaclava
Torso: thermal shirt, rain jacket
Hands: two pairs knit gloves
Legs: thermal pants, yoga pants, rain pants
Feet: socks, boots
Comments: Pulled balaclava down under my chin when my face got too warm.

11 thoughts on “Monday Commute

    • Amish families started moving up here about 12 years ago from Pennsylvania because it was getting to hard to keep their farmland and expand their communities. They have added a lot to our community, it is always great to see them trotting through town ready to smile and wave at any passersby.

      We also have a large Mennonite community here.


      • Interesting. I have a close Mennonite friend. She wears a white net hair bundle cap all the time plus dresses, dark pantyhose but she drives a car. Her husband was originally Old Order Mennonite (buggy and horse). No, they don’t bicycle at all. She told me a Mennonite woman tried painting a barn in her pants but that didn’t work. So she wore a dress over top.

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      • Around here we have all kinds of Mennonites sects from Old Order to ladies who wear pants and only wear head coverings in church. The restaurant I work at is run by non-conservative Mennonites.

        My brother technically attends a Mennonite church but hardly anyone wears a head covering. I actually often get mistaken for a Mennonite since I frequently wear skirts.


      • In K-W area, at least about 20 yrs. ago there were 10 different Mennonite and Amish sects. My childhood house was across the street from a “modern” Mennonite church..meaning they didn’t wear any traditional clothing and women didn’t have restrictions in terms of roles.

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