The Tide is Turning

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Yesterday in my post I mentioned that my family and friends were strongly opposed to the idea of me continuing to bike through the winter.

But the truth is I had made my mind up before they voiced their disapproval. During the summer I had been dropping hints that winter biking might be in my future, but I think that everyone was fairly optimistic that I would come around before winter arrived.

One late August day I was driving with my dad when I decided that the right moment had come. I told him that I was going to bike through the winter. It was frightening for me to voice my plan out loud because at that point I knew I needed to be 100% committed to it.

And 100% committed to defending my plan in the debates that were sure to follow.

Then I asked him if he would help me get my bike ready for winter and to my surprise he agreed. I didn’t know if he would or not, considering the fact that he wasn’t totally on board with my winter transportation scheme.

But now? He is totally on board with my winter transportation scheme. This week, he told me that a guy a his work had said that he needed to buy his crazy daughter a car and my dad apparently bragged on the fact that I didn’t need a car.

I live in a small community and word travels fast. Several people have come up to me and it has been obvious that my dad told them about my biking adventures. He has definitely moved from the “winter biking is dangerous” camp to the “winter biking is cool” camp.

As the winter has progressed, everyone (including me) has realized winter biking is not a one way ticket to injury. The tide is turning and my friends and family are becoming supportive as I share the joy of plowing through snow. I give them props though, even when they were opposing my winter biking plan, I still felt like they were supportive of me as a person.

I have to admit that having their support (or at least neutrality) on the subject feels great. I respect the opinions of my family and friends; so blatantly going against their wishes and advice was rough.  Now that they are slowly getting behind me, I feel even better pursuing a car-free lifestyle.

But they should be prepared, the next step in my master plan is getting them out biking with me!

12 thoughts on “The Tide is Turning

      • No, once summer hits I going to buy a car and store my bike until next winter 😉

        Sorry, I’m awful.

        I have never wanted to buy a car, winter was the only obstacle that made me consider it. Now that winter isn’t an obstacle anymore, I hope to never, ever own a car.

        But I may end up storing my bike until next winter, because I am looking to buy a road bike for the summer! I’m excited!

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  1. I just wanted you to know that I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Like all of these things there are “rules”–though you need not follow if they are too time consuming or stressful. You can find the details on my site as I didn’t want to type them again. I just wanted you to know that I appreciate your blog and any chance of people visiting your blog through my recommendation is worthwhile.

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    • Thanks so much for nominating me, Anthony! Your comment was stuck in my spam folder and I just happened to look in there today, apparently I should check it more often!

      I will post my “official acceptance post” or whatever you are supposed to call it sometime this week 😉

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