“Love + Love = Fear” ?

DSCN0027[1]Some equations make sense. Others, like the title of this post simply do not add up. But the above equation was true in my life until the middle of November 2014.

I love winter.
I love biking.

But to combine those two factors seemed crazy, dangerous and scary. Biking in the winter? In snow? Over ice? What about snowplows? Visibility? Falling? Unplowed shoulders? Out of control drivers? I faced all the possible scenarios in my mind and they were frightening.

My friends and family were not helpful in calming my fears. I don’t blame them, they just wanted me to buy a car which they seemed to believe was some sort of magical safety device.

Death by snowplow was a common prediction.
“We will be reading the obituaries”, was a common joke.
“I trust you, but I don’t trust the drivers on the road”, was a common argument.
“I won’t be able to sleep thinking about you on the road at night”, was a common plea.

I never let any of them know that their words were petrifying me. It was game face on. On the outside I was cool, collected and ready to conquer whatever winter threw at me. The reality was quite different. I actually got better health coverage in preparation for whatever winter would bring. I worried about my gear, my tires, my ability. I was scared stiff.

Until I started biking in snow. To my utter surprise and delight, I found it fun, a ton of fun actually. Every  scenario I had conjured in my mind started being replaced by reality.  Winter biking was much easier, simpler and more achievable  than I ever dreamed it would be.  Then I rode through the first heavy snowfall of the winter and I felt safe. Protected. That ride I learned that God with me in my winter biking adventures and after that any remaining fear was gone. The past few weeks I have continued to have a blast in the snow. I keep finding out more ways to enjoy the winter.

I have always loved winter, but this is my favorite winter ever. I used to claim that I loved biking, but that pales to the attachment I feel to this humble mode of transportation now.

My equation was flawed.

6 thoughts on ““Love + Love = Fear” ?

  1. “Every scenario I had conjured in my mind started being replaced by reality.” This is so true of many things in our lives, I think. I’m glad that you’re having a blast in the snow and winter this year.


  2. So glad you overcame your fears and did what your gut was telling you to do. Even if it turned out to be as scary and dangerous as you thought it would be, you tried it. Experience is everything.

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  3. Good on you for taking on the culture of fear.

    We’ve been winter cycling for about five years now, all told, mainly because we didn’t have a lot of choice. In many ways I find it safer than summer because drivers are aware of the equation “White slippy stuff + speed = poiential damage to my car through a crash”, but I still get negative commens from people, especially if I have my kids along for the ride.

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    • Hi Andy, thanks for stopping by!

      Isn’t it interesting how quickly we as
      people can be to judge those who have different lifestyles from us? Learning that what other people think of me doesn’t matter is just one of lessons winter biking is teaching me.

      But I am grateful that most of my family and friends are supportive now that they see, like you mentioned, that winter biking is much safer than it seems at first glance.


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