Upper Body Update (week 9)

This week I started the one hundred pushup program and my shoulders are super sore! I nearly doubled the amount of pushups I did last week and maintained my planking time.

This coming week I am supposed to do 215 pushups spread out over 3 workouts. But last week, Busy Cyclist, reminded me that what I was doing was working so maybe I should just stick with that instead of following a strict program. (And he also gave me some great ideas for switching up my pushup routine.)

I am one of those people that once my mind gets dead set on something, I will make it happen no matter what. I can say I am determined to do something but it isn’t until that moment that I firmly choose in my mind that there are no other options that I become laser-focused.

I was about to set my laser-focus on accomplishing one hundred pushups in 7 weeks, but the wisdom from Busy Cyclist shook me awake. Yes, my eventual goal is to be able to do 100 consecutive pushups, but I don’t think pushing myself to accomplish that goal in 7 weeks is a good fit for me.

I have seen a huge improvement in upper body strength in the past month, but that came through consistently doing pushups and planks at my own pace. I may use the program to guide me somewhat but I do want to be kind to my body and let it take all the time it needs to be strong enough to reach my goal.

I am going to focus on planking this week and give my shoulders a bit of a break, they deserve it!


11 thoughts on “Upper Body Update (week 9)

  1. I’m hugely impressed with 20 consecutive push-ups … I have little to no upper body strength despite swimming and numerous attempts at strength workouts in the gym and can’t even do ONE full press-up! I can manage ten on my knees but that is about it. My aim this year is to manage ONE by the end 🙂

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    • I only started being able to do pushups in the last year, many times I would stretch out in a pushup position, lower myself and then not have the strength to push back up. I would fight so hard and not be able to raise myself a single inch.

      I really feel like planking helped me build up the core strength I needed to do multiple pushups. Good luck, you can do it 😉


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