Monday Commute


Leaving my driveway.

I had the best ride home ever!

I woke up at 2:30 to several inches of fresh snow with more gently falling.
I rode to work and the snow continued to fall.
I worked through the morning and the snow continued to fall.
I worked through lunchtime and the snow continued to fall.
I got back on the road and guess what? The snow continued to fall.


Leaving work.



This is the river I cross every day I work. (Hint: the river is the area of snow between the two rows of trees, not the metal railing.)

It wasn’t a heavy snow, just a steady downward float of the fluffiest, lightest snowflakes imaginable. In all we got 15 inches. Visibility on the road wasn’t stellar at first so I plodded along in the several inch deep snow of the shoulder. Sure, it was slow but I felt safer there and going through snow is more interesting than using the plowed road.  About halfway home the snow stopped and the sun came out. There was a hint of a rainbow in the sky. I was having a nice ride and enjoying the landscape until my world was forever changed. By snow dunes.

Snow dunes are little magical piles of snow crafted by wind blowing over open fields. The conditions we had today created beautiful deep snow dunes.

I found out what my natural reaction is to seeing snow dunes on the shoulder on the road. I want to destroy them. I went charging through those wind-shaped piles of snow as fast as I could (which was not really that fast). Oh my! Why use artificial snow on ski slopes when the snow would be of greater use making snow dunes for bike riders? I kept finding myself giggling while flying through the mounds of snow.

I was chugging right along when I suddenly realized that I should try to take some pictures. I took off my gloves and got out the camera. While I was fishing around in my panniers to find something to use as a reference point for the picture, I saw a snow plow in the distance. Oh great. So I snapped a picture quickly, grabbed all my stuff and dragged my bike to the other side on the road.


The picture I took just before the snowplow destroyed all traces of snow dune existence.

If I thought I was good at destroying snow dunes I quickly found out that snow plows are weapons of mass destruction, destroying entire communities of snow dunes in their wake. I re-crossed the road and all my fun had been plowed away.

But it was awesome fun until then and a great workout as well!

(Light update: my light made it the entire ride to work, yay! But it was almost dead. I contacted the manufacturer and they will get back to me tomorrow, crossing my fingers for a good outcome.)

To work (10 miles)
3:35 am to 5:00 am

0F, 17 mph Northeast wind, snow

I wore
Head: ski goggles, balaclava
Torso: two thermal undershirts, rain jacket
Hands: winter gloves
Legs: two pairs of yoga pants, thermal pants, rain pants
Feet: socks, boots
Comments: My legs have been staying warm lately which is really nice of them.

From work (10 miles)
3:20 pm to 5:00 pm

-3F, 10 mph Northeast wind, snow for half of the ride

I wore
Head: ski goggles, balaclava
Torso: two thermal undershirts, rain jacket
Hands: winter gloves
Legs: two pairs of yoga pants, thermal pants, rain pants
Feet: socks, boots
Comments: I should have worn my headband as well, my ears got a little cold and currently feel sore.

15 thoughts on “Monday Commute

    • I never thought of that! I bet leaf piles are awesome. *anxiously waits for fall*

      It is quite funny, I have ridden a mountain bike for the entirety of my biking years but I have never really gone off road and plowed through much of anything before.


    • Haha…maybe just slightly but it was so incredibly fun.

      Except when a snowplow went by and the dozen cars following it got to watch me get stuck and then have difficulty getting started again. That was embarrassing.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Yup, at absolute zero there would never be enough water vapor in the air to produce snow. But since absolute zero is somewhere around -450F, snow has a lot of leeway temperature-wise 😉

      We do tend to get heavier snowfall when the temperature is above 0F though.

      When I came back home I was looking through the pictures and I realized that the metal railing looked like a river, oops!

      Liked by 1 person

  1. That’s so beautiful. I love the snow and, though I love my little corner of the world too, it’s a little disheartening every year that snow completely passes us by. I can only imagine the fun you had plowing through those drifts! Mwahahaha!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Omg, I never thought anybody would bike in that kind of weather. You are amazing! I feel terrible. Why? I am waiting for April to come around so I can buy a bike while you ride in that crazy weather:-)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Please don’t feel terrible! I waited until April last year to start biking again, there is nothing wrong with that. 🙂

      But winter biking is definitely doable and fun so if you ever want to try it out don’t let anything stop you!


      • You are very kind. I am going to start looking for a bike that I can use to commute by early next month. Who knows? Maybe one day I will post pictures like the ones you have in your blog. Yes, I can dream and aim for the stars:-)

        Liked by 1 person

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