Upper Body Update (week 8)

I am calm. Nothing to see here.


How does that even work? Did my body really get that much stronger in one week, or am I just getting better at pushing myself farther? Either way, I’ll take it!

I think I am going to try the 7 week “one hundred pushups” program. Whether it takes me 7 weeks or more, I am becoming determined to be able to do 100 pushups in a row.

Eight weeks ago, I said this.

“When starting out a fitness program, it is generally advisable to set goals, right? Ha. Bri doesn’t set fitness goals. Bri used to, but Bri doesn’t anymore. It is a long story.

I am just going to do something to build my upper body strength 3 times a week. That is extent of my training plan. We will see how this goes.”

I had no idea.

8 thoughts on “Upper Body Update (week 8)

  1. Hi, Bri. Thanks for the follow. I hope my stuff proves useful to you. Congrats on going form 12 to 20 pushups in a week! That is great! Keep up the good work. You have found the one weakness of bike riding – it is purely aerobic. You need to do the weights too. Don’t know if you heard this or not, but I heard that a lot of Tour De France Riders have started doing weights because they started coming down with osteoporosis. Anyway, keep up the good work!

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    • Man, that would be awful to spend so much time and effort on fitness only to end up with osteoporosis!

      Just gives me another reason to keep working on my upper body strength, thank you.


  2. Probably a combination of increased strength (more specifically muscular endurance), and your (mind’s) ability to push yourself further. Well done, great work. BTW, rather than do the 100 P/Up challenge to the prescribed plan, why not stick with what you’re doing if it’s working for you. Either way, you’re doing good!

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    • I have been kind of going back and forth in my mind as well, thinking about whether I should just keep doing what I am doing or switch to the formal 100 pushup format.

      I do want to keep including planks in my routine, which doesn’t really fit in with “official plan” and I am slightly worried that because I have a specific number of pushups to hit 3 times a week, I will push myself past what my body really should be doing. My philosophy in any fitness-type endeavor is that it should be helpful to my body, if I push myself to the point of injury or unhealthy stress, that’s pointless to me.

      I’ll probably end up following the program to some extent but to what extent we shall see 🙂


      • I’ve always been keen on press-ups (pushups in the USA 😉 ), planks, and other basic bodyweight exercises – but after a while of following a certain routine I tend to get bored and have to change things.

        Co-incidentally, the latest routine I’ve ‘invented’ and just started to follow is mixing press-ups with planks. Rather than counting the number of press-ups, I have a set time (say 2 minutes) and have a watch (with seconds hand) on the floor infront of me. I then go down at stop at the bottom of the press-up movement and hold the position for 5 seconds, then push up to top position and hold that for 5 seconds, and keep repeating until the total time period has elapsed.

        I’ve now started to mix it up further by taking 1 foot off the floor, or 1 arm off the floor, etc, and holding those positions for 5 seconds within the routine.

        Each time I do the routine I increase the total time a little bit, and try to mix it up a little bit more.

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      • Thank you for sharing! Those are awesome ideas, I will try them out at some point when I get bored with plain old pushups and planks (except probably not one arm pushups, I can’t imagine myself ever being balanced enough to do that).


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