Monday Commute

Last night I checked the pressure of my tires and oh my! When I said I lowered the tire pressure I meant it. Both tires clocked in at just above 25 psi! Pretty sure that is a lot less than what the manufacturer recommends as the minimum pressure, oops. I pumped them up to 60 psi, I believe they were originally at 80 psi.

I felt like I was flying on the commute this morning, although it was snowing a bit the roads were clear and my tires actually had some air in them! While at work the owner’s husband came in and started playing around with my headlight, he nearly blinded my boss. Then he asked me lots of questions: where did you get it, what kind of batteries does it use, how long does it last, etc. I love talking to people about my equipment, maybe someday one of them will feel inspired to bike.

Outside it continued to snow lazily through most of the day. When I see those big, fat snowflakes float gently to the ground all I want to do is go outside, lay down in the snow and watch them fall. But since I am such a responsible adult I resisted the urge while I was at work.

I hit the road at 4:00pm, the shoulders of the road were covered in snow,  but visibility was decent so I took the lane. I stopped to pick up some stuff at the grocery store, the guy in the pickup truck next to me asked, “You got snow tires on that thing?” Winter biking is a great conversation starter, apparently.  The side roads I took to reach my apartment were covered in a snow/slush mixture and at 60 psi my tires had more traction than at 80 psi but I still fishtailed a bit. I am guessing that in snow 40 psi will work well. Now I just have to buy a portable bike pump so that I can adjust to the ever-changing road conditions.

To work (10 miles)
3:50 am to 4:50 am

30F, 10 mph Southwest wind, light snow

I wore
Head: balaclava, ski goggles,
Torso: thermal undershirt, rain jacket
Hands: knit gloves
Legs: yoga pants, rain pants
Feet: socks, boots
Comments: My face overheated from the balaclava but did I bother to stop and take it off? Of course not! Do you realize what a difference decent tire pressure makes? I was so happy to be flying along that nothing in all of creation could have compelled me to stop that bike.

From work plus grocery stop (10 miles)
4:00pm to 5:10pm

28F, 3 mph West wind, snow

I wore
Head: rain jacket hood, ski goggles
Torso: t-shirt, rain jacket
Hands: knit gloves
Legs: yoga pants, rain pants
Feet: socks, boots
Comments: Nice.

6 thoughts on “Monday Commute

  1. Very much enjoying your blog. You are an intrepid commuter, which is awesome! One question on your winter setup– do you have a wool Buff or other type of neck gaiter? It would seem like a cap and something on your neck (but not as heavy or as insulating as a balaclava) would have been a good option for your layering today, too.

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    • Great thinking, thank you for the suggestion! I do have ear muffs that go around the back of my neck without interfering with my helmet, but I have misplaced them somehow. I also will sometimes wear a scarf loosely and pull it up if my neck gets cold.

      Sometimes I just wear my balaclava because it is the easiest thing to pull on in the morning only to regret it later!

      On the way home I just pulled up my rain jacket hood under my helmet which was perfect for the temperature. Stopped the wind from making my ears ache, without overheating my head.


  2. I’m new to following you and haven’t had time to go back and read more posts so I’m just going to ask. How does your transition from biking to work go? Meaning, do you have to change clothes or do you need a shower? Or do you have to change into work clothes either way? Feel free to direct me to another post to read if you’ve already answered these in one. 🙂 I work at home but when I’ve biked to school in the past I got there very sweaty but didn’t want to take the time to shower. My deodorant works really well so I didn’t stink as far as I could tell but had to sit so that my shirt could air out.
    Enjoying your posts.

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    • My job is great for a bike commuter I just slip into the bathroom with my panniers and change into my work clothes (basically just casual clothes) and sneakers. When people ask me if I get cold biking to work I tell them that the coldest part of my day is changing into my freezing clothes in the freezing bathroom.

      I never exert myself much on the ride to work so I don’t sweat too much, although that is not really a problem since the kitchen manages to be sweltering no matter what the temperatures are like outside. I am gonna get sweaty at some point.

      My workplace doesn’t have a shower so after hours of sweating and working with food I pull on my winter clothes. Guess what my panniers and all my commuting clothes smell like? It’s lovely.

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