Friday Commute (with bonus side trip )

I worked late today which was nice because I got to sleep in until 6:45, but it also weird because I am not used to getting to work at 9:45 am. During the middle of my ride to work I took a water break and realized I was going to arrive super early to work. I further realized that I was right next to a hiking trail covered in pristine white snow. Even though I was pretty sure the snow was too deep to actually traverse in I decided to try anyway.

Oh my! Why have I not tried this before! My mountain bike and I had such a thrill plowing through the 5 to 8 inches of powdery white snow. We went for about half a mile into the quiet woods when I decided it was time to turn back. I am so doing this again!

The rest of the ride to work was uneventful, the giant white dog chased and barked at me but that is pretty typical. But what happened at work was not typical. Get ready, Justl.

In the middle of my work day, a coworker tells me there is a giant white dog hanging around outside, instantly I know it is “my” giant white dog since he lives close to the restaurant. I go outside and slowly move toward him, avoiding direct eye contact. I reach out my hand, he sniffs it calmly then looks up at me with big sorrowful eyes. He seems a bit shy so I stand still until he walks away. Before this I was quite sure he would never actually hurt me, but it is nice to confirm that.

I am not absolutely sure, but I think he came over to apologize. My thought is that he made a New Year’s resolution to not bark or chase me anymore, but when I came riding by at an odd time of day he was so excited that he forgot. I could be wrong of course…

To work with side trip (11 miles)
8:20 am to 9:35 am

Weather 22F, 6 mph Northwest wind, snowing

I wore
Head: balaclava, rain jacket hood, ski goggles
Torso: thermal undershirt, rain jacket
Hands: two pairs knit gloves
Legs: yoga pants, rain pants
Feet: socks, boots

Comments: My ski goggles always keep my face super warm, which can border on too warm.

From work (10 miles)
8:30pm to 9:25pm

Weather 14F, no wind

I wore
Head: balaclava, rain jacket hood
Torso: t-shirt, rain jacket
Hands: two pairs of knit gloves
Legs: yoga pants, rain pants
Feet: socks, boots
Comments: Felt a little cold at first because my jacket was still damp from my morning exertion in the snow.

8 thoughts on “Friday Commute (with bonus side trip )

  1. Advice requested. Lol. I often bike to work but during the winter I find the weather really beats me down. Mostly getting sweaty in the cold is what causes the trouble- any tips for beating the winter so I will stay on my bike? _love the blog btw. Signed, 41 busted and loves to ride. Lol.


    • Hi!

      I am a winter biking newbie myself but this is what I do to keep from getting sweaty…

      Wear moisture wicking, breathable fabrics.

      Wear as little clothing as possible. This is why I bought a rain jacket and pants, I get protection from the nasty stuff on the road but without the insulation of a winter jacket.

      Adjust clothing to work with my body temperature. If I find myself getting overheating on a ride I unzip my jacket, if I ever get too cold I have extra layers in my panniers that I could throw on.

      Bike slow. Going uphill I crawl like a little green worm. Just like I don’t sweat when I go for a gentle stroll, I don’t sweat when I ride leisurely.

      Good luck! I wish you all the best in conquering the winter, it really has been a blast so far for me. If anyone has any tips, please chime in!


    • That is an awesome clip. Dog breeds fascinate me so much, I love finding out about their origins. You can learn so much about a dog just by understanding what the specific breed was first designed to do. And nothing is better than seeing dogs out doing what their genetic makeup predisposes them for.

      My dogs are Shih Tzu/Peke mixes, bred to be cuddlebugs for Chinese royalty and they both fill their natural role perfectly. Panzy is keeping me warm right now 🙂

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    • I have never even gotten a chance to see a fatbike “in real life”, let alone ride one! I really want to try one out though, I know they are supposed to feel super stable which would delight me to no end. Are they good on ice? I should look into them…


      • Well, they are supposed to be really nice on powder (4 to 5″ wide tires!) but as for ice, I would imagine studded tires would still be necessary on icy surfaces.


      • I did some poking around the web for info about them, watched some videos…I want to try one out really bad now! I have no idea how I could do that though. For once I was almost jealous of city dwellers who can just walk into a bike shop and buy one!


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