Today I was roaming the depths of the World Wide Web when I discovered an article that shocked me. The article (from last winter) quoted a mayor who said that people who bike in the winter should be arrested. Excuse me?

But that is not the only thing that shocked me. What rocked me to my core is that this guy is the mayor of a city 25 miles away from me! Now obviously I am not actually afraid of being arrested for bicycling in winter, but I am worried about his attitude toward cyclists. Then I read the comment section. I have wondered what people are thinking when they pass me in a car, and now I can better understand some people’s mentality.

Why are some people so afraid of alterative forms of transportation? Goodness. I am fine with you not understanding why I choose to live car free. If you think I am crazy, I can deal with that. But I am not more of a hazard on the road than a car.

Best idea from comment section

No car? Hitchhike. It is winter no one is gonna leave you to standing there.

Upstate NY Mayor: People Who Bike in the Winter “Should Be Arrested”

and a follow up article

Watertown Mayor Jeffrey Graham defends cyclist comments following Sunday crash

My heart goes out to the guy who got hit by a vehicle and then caught flack for it. He can’t drive a car because he suffers from seizures. To me he is quite an amazing guy to decide that he won’t let not being able to drive a car stop him.

Sorry to bring up something that happened nearly a year ago, but I am kinda stunned because this is where I live.

3 thoughts on “Shocked

  1. You could then make the argument that drivers with cars using the wrong type of tires in the snow should also be arrested. How about rear wheel drive cars with summer tires spinning out in the snow and putting everyone in danger? But that would make too much logical sense, right?

    There is an irrational hatred some people have of bikes. And it’s just that. Irrational, so there’s no explaining it.


  2. Hi Bri,

    Thanks for your comment on RoxyRoad – I came to Bike Like Crazy for a quick look around and this article really resonated with me.

    Recently, a cyclist from Holland remarked that Sydney was one of the most hostile places in the world for cyclists and, to almost prove a point, the comments on the article were beyond vitriolic and from what I could tell for little to no reason.

    Then, the other day, I rode down to a local cafe for a coffee and to do some writing and got abused by a trucker when I wasn’t even on the road. What’s going on with all the cyclist-hate? The idea that the Mayor of a city wants to have cyclists arrested for biking in a certain weather conditions is utterly ridiculous!

    I’m not sure where the hate comes from but I think if any of these angry motorists stopped to get on a bike and saw just how beautiful it is to really see your surroundings, they’d understand pretty quick.

    Isn’t it odd that in places like Holland and Switzerland, biking is one of the primary modes of transportation, yet in others like (apparently) NYC and AU, it’s almost demonized? I have to wonder if the fact that old cities, like those in Europe, were originally designed for walking; whereas the US and AU have cities whose infrastructure is built around the petroleum ethic, has a lot to do with it? I’d wager Roxy that it does.

    Thanks for an enlightening read 🙂

    – Kally x


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