Friday Commute

Strange start to the day. When I head out the door and walk to the small shed that I share with my downstairs neighbors I notice that there is frozen blood COVERING the ground. I open the shed doors (which are liberally sprinkled with dried bloody fingerprints) to find a dead doe and buck sprawled over the floor of the shed. Yay for hunting season! As I clip my panniers to the bike I notice that the buck’s hide is covered in cockleburs. Suddenly, I have an odd urge to pull them out. Thankfully the urge subsides quickly and I hop on my bike and pedal away.

On the way to work I was chased by a small barking white dog.
On the way back from work I was chased by a giant barking white dog.
Is this symbolic of something? Like is this winter gonna be really white and harsh?
Or is it the beginning of a pattern? Will I be chased by a polar bear tomorrow?

When I arrive home the buck is hanging from a tree and the doe is hanging up….wait for it…in the shed. Lovely. Oh well, I know my neighbors feel bad about it (I can hear them talking about it right now, lol).

To work (10 miles)
3:55 am to 4:50 am

17F, 8 mph Southeast wind, occasional light snow

I wore
Head: rain jacket hood, balaclava, ski goggles,
Torso: thin thermal undershirt, rain jacket
Hands: knit gloves, winter gloves
Legs: yoga pants, rain pants
Feet: socks, boots
Comments: My legs got chilly at times, next time I ride in this temperature I will see what adding another layer will do.

From work (10 miles)
3:10 pm to 4:15 pm

32F, 14 mph Southeast winds, 20 mph gusts

I wore
Head: rain jacket hood, ski goggles
Torso: t-shirt, rain jacket
Hands: winter gloves
Legs: yoga pants, rain pants
Feet: socks, boots
Comments: nice and toasty

7 thoughts on “Friday Commute

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  2. A couple of months ago I was chased/followed by a young collie dog that I encountered out in the road on a country lane. I was battling into a strong wind and I couldn’t outrun it – I really tried hard, but as soon as I hit an up-hill he was back with me. I tried stopping and telling/pleading with him to go home but he just found it fun and liked my company! I went for a whole mile at least with him running at my side. In the end I was reaching a busy road and I had to turn round and lead him back the whole way to where I thought he had come from and find his owner, to prevent him from coming any further with me. I was pretty late meeting with my client that day!


    • Gotta love silly playful puppies! (And the owners who trust them to run free)

      But hey the little guy just wanted you to get more exercise and climb those hills against the wind not once, but twice!

      Actually the giant white dog that I speak of once chased me across the road while I pedaled furiously to get away. (I was somewhat frightened of him at first because I had just got a nasty bite from a dog while biking and it took me a little while to get over that.)

      All of a sudden I heard the squeal of tires and then a sickening crunch noise. The dog limps over to the side of the road and the owner comes out so me and the guy driving the car stop to talk to him.

      The owner is very blasé about the whole affair and says the dog will be fine. The driver and I give each other incredulous looks, the poor dog’s leg is clearly not okay.

      But after a few month of limping around the farm were he lives, without a cast or anything, he is suddenly up and running again. The dog is made of steel.

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      • I have been chased by a few, usually little ones trying to nip at my heels, or risking getting run over. There is a big dog that likes to woof at me when I’m out running, but he’s just warning away from his territory/letting me know he’s there and doesn’t run to me – he has met me before though when I visit the house over the road for eggs so I know he’s just having a bark, but sure, some make you wary especially when you’re on your guard because of a previous experience.


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