Reasons that Rural Riding Rocks (Part two)

Disclaimer: I have never actually lived in a city, so I get my perception of city biking from what I read online. Therefore, I am sure I have a skewed idea of what it is actually like.

One reason I am so glad I bike in the country is all the animals I get to see on a daily basis. But there are other reasons to love rural riding.

It’s Mine
When I bike in the morning to work I see three to twelve cars. This is on one of the two busiest road in my community. If I want to bike without any cars there are lots of roads to choose from. On one of my favorite summer routes I never saw a single car, even though I biked it almost every week.

As for other cyclists I have seen maybe two dozen since this April, although my commute is a “bike route”. And while it is quite sad that there aren’t many people bicycling in my area, there is a silver lining.

I own the road. It is mine. I can do with it what I like. Evil grin.

Minimal Nasty Drivers
I read posts in forums written by people who bike in cities. If they only knew that while they casually toss stories back and forth about the road rage, harassment, swearing and dangerous driving maneuvers that they have survived, a girl in Northern New York has died from shock. In all of my bike rides I have only earned one, “get on the sidewalk!”. And that is the extent of my experience with angry drivers.

The drivers around here are very considerate. They dim their brights for me at night, pass me carefully and with a wide berth and even offer me rides (which I politely refuse).

Why the difference? Here are just a few of my theories.

I don’t get blowback from the residual anger a driver may have built up for “crazy cyclists” that day, because they haven’t seen any other bikers on the road besides me.

Drivers in my locale are used to passing slow moving vehicles like farming equipment and Amish buggies. I am also way less obstructive then either of these.

Some of the people on the road know me, or someone in my family, or a friend so it would be awkward for them to harass me.

Nobody gets stuck in traffic, rush hour doesn’t exist. So neither do immobile vehicles with fuming people inside, who are ready to tear apart the next biker to pass by.

Easy Parking
Parking my bike and leaving it to enter a store or go to a meeting is ridiculously easy. Empty parking spaces abound or I can just lean my bike against the nearest tree. Presto, done! As for using a bike lock, just no. I have many fears in life but someone stealing my bike is not something I will ever have to worry about.

I love my hometown and surrounding area. I love biking here even more.

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