Monday Commute

Winter is over! It is currently spring.

Seriously, why do the seasons fight each other like this? Why all the drama? Why can’t winter come gradually? Instead we get tons of snow only to have the snow melted by warm weather and rain.

But I must say I love to bike in the rain. This morning I felt so energized by it. When I was almost to work a random guy pulled over to ask me if I wanted a ride. I gave him my standard answer. “I’m good, thanks though!”

On the way home I saw an awesome rainbow and the faint colors of a second one. I know the science behind rainbows, but let’s be honest, they are actually magical. Also saw a bunch of turkeys. I decided to leave them alone since my mom already has her turkey for Thanksgiving.

Passed another cyclist. It has been almost a month since I have seen one on the road so it made me happy to see him. What didn’t make me happy though is that he was biking against traffic. Which means that he was headed toward me on the shoulder, forcing me to take the right-hand traffic lane. Oh well. No harm done I suppose.

To work (10 miles)
3:50 am to 4:35 am

45F, 28mph Southeast wind, 37 gusts, steady rain

I wore
Head: ear muffs, ski goggles
Torso: t-shirt
Hands: my skin?
Legs: yoga pants
Feet: socks, sneakers

Comments: With wind chill the temperature was 36F so my hands got a little cold but not bad.

From work (10 miles)
3:20 pm to 4:12 pm

64F, 23 mph Southwest wind, 30 mph gusts, sudden short bursts of rain

I wore
Torso: t-shirt
Legs: yoga pants
Feet: socks, sneakers

2 thoughts on “Monday Commute

  1. Man, you’re a beast! Seriously, biking in a t-shirt and yoga pants in 36F weather?!? So hardcore! The weather out here in the SF Bay Area hasn’t dropped below 44F yet and I’m bundled up in two jackets, a scarf, and gloves for my morning commute.


  2. Well the temperature was actually 45F, it was only 36F when accounting for wind chill. But it’s cool that you think I am hardcore, most people just think I am slightly insane.


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