Some of My Bike Stuff

Here is some of my bike stuff. I am usually a very frugal person and kinda stingy when it comes to my own needs. It was hard for me to spend lots of money on some of this stuff, but I kept reminding myself of the context. I could either buy this gear or buy a car. So in reality I am saving money whenever I buy something that will enable to go through the winter without paying for a car.


Tuvizo Reflective Vest

I call these my “safety suspenders”. I have a dark jacket so I wanted something to enhance my visibility.


Waterproof Helmet Cover from J&G Cyclewear

I hang one of my taillights on the tab on the back of this cover. It makes me feel safer to have a blinking light at head level.


Glacier Gloves

These gloves are warm but don’t seem very breathable, my hands get really sweaty. I am going to buy mitts soon, I think.


Light and Motion’s Urban 550

Love this little guy.


Taillight from Serfas

I just ordered another one of these. I am impressed at how bright this light is and how wide it spreads that light.


Bolle Mojo Snow Goggles

These haven’t fogged up so far. So nice to bike in snow and rain without it hitting my face. I am buying another one of these without the tint for nighttime biking.


Avenir Excursion Panniers

These are reflective, which is great.

3 thoughts on “Some of My Bike Stuff

  1. Good for you. I like riding clipped in so I’ve been keeping my eyes out on a set of winter riding boots. But we’ll see when it gets really snowy if it’s safer to ride on flats.

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