My Downward Spiral

Biking has become an addiction for me. I am trapped in its web and I don’t think I can possibly break free anytime soon. But as a warning to others I will outline my downward spiral into the world of cycling.

When I was a child my parents forced me to go on bike rides with my siblings. It was awful, I hated it. Biking was just not for me. Definitely. But of course my parents still got me a mountain bike when I was in my late teens. Thanks.

When I was eighteen I started my first “real” job and I decided I would rather bike to work than learn how to drive a car. I hated the thought of driving a car more than biking, apparently. This was the beginning of it all.

Stage 1
Biking four miles (downhill) to work. But I would never bike uphill, in rain or in the dark.

Seems completely innocent, right? I remained at that stage for over a year but then I got a new job and my sanity began to quickly erode. You see, I actually started to enjoy biking.

Stage 2

Occasionally biking ten miles to work. But only if I couldn’t catch a ride with someone.

Stage 3
Biking ten miles to work. But I would never bike home, in rain or in the dark.

Then I went to Brazil for a month. Many people in cities have crazy long commutes on public transportation every day. I came back to the States with a new attitude. If Brazilians didn’t complain about transportation taking up a large part of the day, why was I complaining? Plus biking was actually really fun and relaxing. That’s when I began to believe that it is impossible for me to waste time on a bike.

Stage 4
Biking back and forth to work if it was daylight. But I would never bike in the dark. That would be insane.

Then winter came and I couldn’t bike at all. For the first time in my life I hated winter. I decided that when spring came I would buy some good quality bike lights and try biking in the dark.

Stage 5
Biking twenty miles back and forth to work. In the rain, in the dark, no matter what.

I immediately fell in love with biking in the dark. But my ten mile morning commute started to feel really short and routine.

Stage 6
Biking twenty miles back and forth to work, plus a couple of ten to twenty mile morning bike rides on my days off.

Ever since the start of spring I have been weighing my options for winter. Should I buy a car or try biking? The answer was obvious.

Stage 7
Live car free no matter the season.

I am currently at Stage 7. The scary thing is the downward spiral may continue and I have no clue what will come next.

2 thoughts on “My Downward Spiral

  1. I am currently trying to pluck up the courage to bike in the dark so I take my hat off to you just doing it as a matter of course…and biking in snow ! Blimey…even when I was cycling regularly I don’t remember ever doing that. I’m impresses


    • Thanks! The first few times I went biking in the dark I only had cheap dinky lights-it made an incredible difference when I invested in some good quality ones. Now I really enjoy night riding, it is so calm and peaceful!


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