The Beginning

One girl, one bike, one harsh winter. What will happen when their worlds collide?

Hi there! I’m Bri and everyone I know thinks I’m crazy. I live the car free life in rural Northern New York. In the coming months I am going to tackle my biggest challenge yet: living car free in winter. Can my bike and I survive? I have no clue but I am gonna find out.

This blog will document my biking journey. I was just gonna keep an old-fashioned journal so I could remember for next year what worked and what didn’t, but I figure the more people talking about winter biking online the better. It might help someone else look less crazy.

4 thoughts on “The Beginning

  1. Sure you’ll survive! I’m not a fan of ice but I love the snow, (sadly where I live doesn’t always get snow) and if it feels too slippy I just get off and walk. People think I’m crazy too, usually because they were out driving and saw me miles away, but it’s what I do.

    Oh, and cool name 😀


    • Thanks Brian!
      Before this winter, in my mind I thought of winter biking as this scary, unachievable, crazy thing, but now? I love it so much, can’t fathom that I almost bought a car because biking through this winter has been one of the best experiences of my life.


      • I prefer wet weather less but only because arriving at places for work looking like a drowned rat probably isn’t the best image. As long as my clothes are dry by the next day I’m perfectly happy.

        Sadly I’ve not yet managed to ditch my car completely as I still need it for carrying some things I just can’t safely carry on the bike, well that’s my excuse… maybe I will when this one is beyond repair.

        In the meantime I’ll look forward to your future blog posts.


      • Yeah, I am lucky at work, I arrive before anyone else, so I have time to change and clean up without any problem.

        My friends and family are helpful as well, if I ever need transportation they step in and give me a ride.


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